Mod Packs for Kerbal Space Program

stock + (200 mods)

A large modpack consisting of stockalike parts as well as utility and tool mods to help enhance gameplay

Realistic Stock Graphics (UNFINISHED) (1 mods)

Ultimate Visual Mods (4 mods)

Make your game look a lot better! Includes Parallax (terrain), Scatterer (atmosphere scatter), EVE (clouds), and Spectra (atmosphere).

Interstellar Reach (6 mods)

KDP Kerbal Defence Program (14 mods)

The actual good modpack (7 mods)

Doozy's KSP Career Pack (5 mods)

jaylr's mod pack (10 mods)

might be a bit hard on pc's

Stock Waterfall Effects Deluxe (4 mods)

RealPlume was the one of the first mods that aimed to make plumes realistic while still retaining some distant form of the stock game's particle system.

Later, Veteran Modder Nertea, in collaboration with other highly experienced modders, created Waterfall, arguably one of the best QoL mods.

I had always wanted to combine Stock Waterfall Effects with RealPlume but never really found the time for it. Thankfully, Adiri, known for their awesome TUFX profiles, beat me to the punch and created the awesome SRB Waterfall Effects.

To make it easier for everyone to enjoy Waterfall and SmokeScreen, I've complied all the related mods available on SpaceDock.

You have all the dependancies required for these great mods, save for B9 Part Switch which can easily be found here and Waterfall, which is hosted here.