Resonant Orbit Calculator CKAN

Calculates resonant orbits suitable for deploying constellations of satellites

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Author: Schlosrat

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Outdated Mod

This mod is not known to work with the latest version of Kerbal Space Program 2. Proceed with caution.

Resonant Orbit Calculator

Making resonant orbit planning easier for Kerbal Space Program 2 one mission at a time.


  • Tested with Kerbal Space Program 2 v0. and SpaceWarp 1.1.3.
  • Requires SpaceWarp 1.0.1+
  • Optional, but highly recommended: Flight Plan v0.8.0+. See capabilities below
  • Optional, but highly recommended: Maneuver Node Controller v0.8.3+. See capabilities described below.
  • Optional, but highly recommended: K2-D2 v0.8.1+. See capabilities described below.
  • Note: Both Flight Plan and Maneuver Node Controller require Node Manager 0.5.3+


  • Display Carrier Vessel and Current Orbit Info
  • Assist In planning Deployment Missions for constellations of 2 or more satellites deployed
  • Model Resonant Deployment Orbit
  • Display effects of the next planned Maneuver
  • OPTIONAL: If Flight Plan is installed, then Resonant Orbit Calculator will help you making the nodes needed to get into your selected Deploy Orbit!
  • OPTIONAL: If Maneuver Node Controller is installed, then Resonant Orbit Calculator will present a button to launch MNC if you'd like to finetune the node its created
  • OPTIONAL: If K2-D2 is installed, then Resonant Orbit Calculator will present a K2-D2 button that will cause K2-D2 to perform a precision node execution for you!

Planned Improvements

To see what improvements and new features are planned for this mod, you can visit the Issues page on the project's GitHub.


  1. Download and extract SpaceWarp+BepInEx. SpaceWarp version 1.1.0 is recommended, but 1.0.1 or later will work if you already have that. See SpaceWarp/BepInEx installation instructions on their SpaceDock release page.
  2. Download and extract this mod into the game folder. Using the supplied zip file, drag the BepInEx folder to the folder where you have your KSP2 game installed. If done correctly, you should have the following folder structure: <KSP Folder>/BepInEx/plugins/resonant_orbit_calculator.

Example Craft

Would you like to know just what orbit to get your craft into so it's ready to deploy a constellation of satellites? Are you in a hurry and don't want to spend time performing tedious computations involving obscure and arcane orbital mechanics equations? Well, now you can! Look no further - Resonant Orbit Calculator is at hand and ready to help you sort out your next Comm Sat deployment mission in a snap

Resonant Orbital Calculator UI

With Resonant Orbit Calculator (ROC) by your side, you'll quickly be able to see all the important details for the Current Orbit your Carrier Vessel is in, as well as being able to plan your Deployment Orbit.

No matter if your deploying 2 Payloads or 52, the ROC will get you all set up with everything you need to know. Just click the (-) and (+) buttons next to the number of satellites you're carrying and you'll be off to the races!

Would you like to only deploy a satellite once every 2nd or 3rd or 27th pass? We've got you covered there, too! Just click away with the (-) and (+) buttons to quickly set your Deploy Orbits from 1 each pass on up to whatever you need! The ROC will even tell you exactly what Orbital Resonance factor will be needed to execute your plan!

Have you got a specific Target Altitude you need your satellites in? There's a handy spot right there ready for you enter any value you like, and you'll instantly be able to see the orbital period your deployed sats will have (assuming circular orbits).

What if you want to set your satellites up so they're in Synchronous or Semi-Synchronous orbits? That info is displayed for you (assuming such orbits are possible for the body you're in orbit about). You don't even need to transcribe this back into the Target Altitude field! Just click on the handy Set Target Altitude button right next to the displayed Synchronous or Semi Synchronous Alt field. Note: These buttons are only present if such orbits are possible...

If you're seeing the dreaded Outside SOI warning for either of these, then don't fret! The SOI Alt is also displayed so you'll now what the max is!

But what if you don't care about the max and are more interested in the Minimum LOS Orbit Alt? We've got you covered there, too! (For constellation with 3 or more satellites only...). You'll find a handy Set Target Altitude button here too! You can even account for Occlusion due to a planet's atmosphere (if it's got one). Toggle Occlusion on will allow you to set the Atm and Vac factors to apply, and will automatically apply the appropriate one for the body you're orbitting to set the Min LOS Orbit altitude accordingly.

What if you'd just like to target your Current Orbit's Apoapsis or Periapsis for deployment operations? There are handy Set Target Altitude buttons right beside your Apoapsis (used for diving resonant orbits) and Periapsis (for climbing resonant orbits).

When it comes time to set up your Deployment Orbit, you've got an option to either Dive under your target orbit or climb higher for your resonant deployment orbit. Either way works in general, but watch out for lithobraking Periapsis when diving. Similarly watch out for SOI escaping Apoapsis when climbing.

Your choice for Diving or Climbing doesn't just impact opportunities for lithobraking and SOI escape, you'll also be able to quickly see the required Injection ∆v your satellites will need to supply in order to circularize their orbits when you release them! This is not to be confused with whatever ∆v you may need to get your Carrier Vessel into the deployment orbit, but this does need to be accounted for so that you'll know your satellites are prepared to complete their own circularization when you deploy them!

What about getting your craft into the Deployment Orbit? Just add a maneuver node to your current orbit and you'll be able to see where it's taking you in the Maneuver section! You can quickly get set up with a new Apoapsis or Periapsis that works for your plan to either perform a diving or climbing resonance respectively. Once that's set, you'll be able to use the Maneuver section once again to help you plan the next maneuver node to complete things and put you in the resonant orbit of your dreams

Resonant Orbit Calculator with Maneuver Node

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