Community Fixes

Community project that aims to bring together bug fixes for KSP 2

License: MIT

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Downloads: 13,084

Authors: ShadowDev, munix

Mod Website: Forum Thread

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Community Fixes for KSP 2

This project aims to bring together community bug fixes for Kerbal Space Program 2 in one centralized place.


  • Tested with Kerbal Space Program 2 v0.
  • Requires SpaceWarp 1.3+

Implemented fixes

  • Separation CommNet Fix by munix - Fixes CommNet disconnecting after separating two controllable vessels.
  • KSP 2 Save Fix by jayouimet - Replaces the Control Owner Part to the first available Command module or to the Root part if not found when it is set to null.
  • Vessel Landed State Fix* by munix - Checks if the vessel's state is Landed when not actually near the ground and resets it.
    *This fix is experimental and untested for now - if you are experiencing the bug with its fix enabled, please create an issue here.
  • Velocity Display Precision Fix by arthomnix - Fixes the digit after the decimal point on the navball velocity display always being zero at velocities above 100m/s.
  • Suppress Transmissions Falsely Urgent Fix by schlosrat - Suppresses unhelpful map view log messages.

Planned fixes

To see what fixes are planned to be implemented, you can visit the Issues page on the project's GitHub.


  1. Download and extract SpaceWarp into your game folder.
  2. Download and extract this mod into the game folder. If done correctly, you should have the following folder structure: <KSP Folder>/BepInEx/plugins/community_fixes.


If you want to toggle any of the included fixes off, you can do so in game: Main menu -> Mods -> Open Configuration Manager -> Community Fixes. The changes will apply after restarting the game.

Development wiki

If you'd like to contribute to this project, please take a look at our wiki.

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