Engine Ignitor Reignited

Limit number of times an engine can be reignited

License: CC-BY-SA

Game Version: 1.12.5

Downloads: 34,529

Author: linuxgurugamer

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Continuation of the old Engine Ignitor mod, originally written by @HoneyFox, original thread here: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/47648-025-engine-ignitor-workaround-for-some-bugs-v341-aug31/, then continued by @DennyTX, thread here: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/150673-12-engine-ignitor-continued-23-oct-2016/&

Changes from original

  • Removed the need for the hypergolic fluid. I decided that two different resources to do one action was unnecessary, assume that the ignitor includes the necessary hypergolic fluid.
  • Added code to prevent use of an ignitor when a multimode engine switches from one mode to another
  • Added RAPIER patch
  • Added new config values for multimode engines
  • Added button to toggle Engine Ignitor functionality
  • Added settings to enable/disable the button to toggle the functionality
  • Added settings to select to use Blizzy if available
  • Fixed Rapiers not using ignitors when shut down
  • Updated all configs, removing duplicates, making values more sensible, thanks @errol
  • As we know the liquid engines in KSP can ignite for infinite times at any moment as you want, which seems a bit making life too easy.
  • And then I came to an idea, what if we only have limited times of ignitions for an engine, thus we will have to plan & execute our maneuvers more precisely and carefully. Moreover, under zero-g environment, fuel stability will give some challenge to ignition as well.

Yes this will make game much harder but hey that' a good challenge and that's kind of realistic too, especially because we also have quite good autopilot plugin , like MechJeb.Well MechJeb might not handle that very well, at least currently.

Well. What this mod can?

  1. Each engine have limited number of available ignitions.
  2. Engines requires ignitors (and also electricity) to be activated. The required amounts of consumables can be configured in CFG. (Example MMpatch included, additional explanation see below).
  3. If lack of ignitors - ignition will fail.
  4. Its functionality could be restored using reloading by kerbalEVA from additional containers (included in pack).
  5. Simplified ullage simulation available. If it is on, fuel have two condition s: "stable" (while under gravitation or acceleration) and "unStable" (if weightlessness). For "unStable" state - you can specify a chance of succesfull ignition (0.2 or 20% in example). Better way - to have small special engines for fuel rebound (sit down) down and reignition in weightlessness.
  6. Of course, here are unlimited consumables if you'll use Launch clamp. This way onboard resources will not be consumed on launch. (useless to my mind, but let it be)
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